I’m Ready to Lose Weight This Year; Where Should I Begin?

Jan 03, 2024
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You’re serious about losing weight this year, and you’re seeking a weight loss program that really works. Medically supervised weight loss helps you lose weight the right way: steadily, without yo-yo dieting and binging.

It’s a new year. Half of Americans say improved fitness is a top priority, while 34% cite weight loss specifically. You’re in that group. You really want to shed the pounds this year. 

You’re looking for a permanent solution to help you eat a healthy diet. It’s hard to change eating habits. Which approach to losing weight is really going to work? 

Board-certified primary care physician Dr. Susan Tanyi with League Health Urgent & Primary Care offers a customized, medically supervised weight loss program

Dr. Tanyi designs a program customized to your unique needs. We run tests to determine your overall health. This helps guide our approach. Our program provides nutritional and exercise guidelines for you to follow as well as prescription drugs that you take as directed. We regularly monitor you at follow-up appointments.  

Following are elements of our weight loss program. 

Nutritional counseling 

We provide nutritional counseling to help you change the foods you buy and eat. You learn to purchase healthy foods that include fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein instead of heavily processed sweet and starchy foods. Your choices are different. 

Weight loss prescription medication

You may have tried changing your eating habits in the past but couldn’t get the new habits to stick. Now there’s medicine to help you succeed. New drugs for weight loss have been in the news. They’re revolutionizing weight loss programs because they work. 

The drug Ozempic was originally designated for individuals with Type 2 diabetes to help control blood sugar. Researchers found that patients lost weight. The rest is history. Demand for Ozempic has skyrocketed. 

If you qualify for Ozempic, you take this medication under Dr. Tanyi’s care. We teach you how to administer the drug. We can also teach a family member to administer it if you don’t want to do it yourself. 

Weight loss results vary for people on Ozempic based on your personal goals. A recent study found that patients who had Ozempic injections once a week lost approximately five pounds per month on average. 

On Ozempic, you lose weight the right way. Your progress is steady, and you can even see results after a couple of weeks. That provides positive motivation to continue your weight loss program. 

Ozempic helps you feel full so that you don’t overeat. It lessens your desire and need to overeat. You no longer feel hunger cravings. It also slows down your digestion, so you feel full for longer periods. 

Taking Ozempic helps improve your overall health. Your cholesterol and blood sugar levels drop. Your risk of heart attack and stroke drops

In addition to Ozempic, your program includes B-Lean IV Infusion, a B vitamin infusion. In addition, we may recommend Lipo-Mino Mix, an injection that contains B vitamins. Both help boost your metabolism so your body burns fat effectively. 

Regular exercise 

Once you start losing weight, you’ll have more energy. It’ll be easier to start exercising. We work with you to develop a schedule of how often you exercise and for how long. It’s important for you to find an activity that you enjoy. It may help you to join an exercise class and have a teacher instruct you. You may prefer to exercise on your own via Zoom, in the gym, or outside. 

You’re going to love the way you look after just a few short weeks on our weight loss program. Call League Health Urgent & Primary Care in Katy, Texas, today or book an appointment online to start your weight loss journey. You’ll see real results. Get ready for lots of compliments.